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2011 Member Goal Check-In

Hey Everybody!

Here's your twice-monthly check-in on your 2011 Goals. (Here's the Goal Entry to remind you.)

How are you doing with your goals?
Have you been making thoughtful attempts to reach these goals or are you going with the flow and maybe forgot about them?
Do you need more support or did you find a buddy to help you be accountable?

Let us know how you're doing!!

Good Luck!


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Apr. 12th, 2011 01:52 pm (UTC)
thanks cristy, i needed a reminder to review my goals :)

1. loose 15lbs by June 1 2011 (i've lost 10, so 5 should be easier)
2. start my exercise regimen back up and not just running in the 'hood ---now that it's warmer i got my bike out, so there's hope :)
3. eat better to loose weight. - both of us are eating better, eating takeout less and more veggies
4. track food and exercise on sparkpeople.com ---not the food so much but i do track excercise
5. take at least one class per week that's the same day/type. - i've been doing this since january, keeping it up!
Apr. 12th, 2011 01:58 pm (UTC)
Cristy's 2011 Goal Check-In
1. Make "being active" a part of my everyday life

I've been more aware of this one and am trying to do it more often. I've found it a little easier to walk further, so it's much more enjoyable. Progress - yes!

2. Make my heart feel better - volunteer more often...

I've been spending a few hours once a week at the Humane Society almost every week, and it really does make me feel wonderful to make a difference to those few I'm able to love on for a bit. :)

3. Make eating healthy more fun

My current diet plan is going really well. It's a touch on the expensive side, but not as much as fast food and REALLY lazy. I'm eating a diet completely made up of frozen meals and snack bars, and am discovering all kinds of yummy options. The range of price is $1-$3 per meal, which is slightly less than a fast food restaurant, but sooooo much healthier. I do long for freshly cooked food (especially vegetables, which is weird), but I don't quite have the energy to do anything about that right now. For now, it's working. I don't want to jinx it by saying numbers, but I can TELL at the doc's office that I'm making a difference in my body. Yay! :)

4. Regain control of our finances

Still working on this. I've finally set up our budget for the rest of 2011 and 2012 and in the process, rearranged our bill paying so that we take advantage of the two extra paydays (T gets paid every other week) a year and half of one here and there, too.

My business development stuff is going forward, though it feels like a huge mountain of unknowns I have to traverse before I'll see any good from it. *sigh* I did finally receive my actual diploma from the med trans school, but now I'm really starting to understand why new college grads are so clueless. Blech.

5. ENJOY life - find JOY in the moments this year

Oh, this one is going so well! I wish we did it more still, but we're trying to do something every week - get away from the house and money troubles. Looking at nature and enjoying the very reasons we moved here from Dallas. I so love my new home!

How about you?
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