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My progress on April/May stuff

Alright, I know this stuff can be touchy, so I'll go first. Following are some things I've been doing to "get my body checked out" lately.

- Had my first experience with a colonoscopy - Blech! If you haven't had one and don't have to, it's best to avoid it altogether, but I've had some issues, and my doc had some questions, so I took the plunge (as it were). Not pleasant, but found out I didn't have anything inherently wrong with me (at least, in that area), so the solution can be something much less scary, like diet or (yet more) meds. For all I know, it's some of my meds that are messing with me. I'll ask about that. Ah well. Better to know, right? My husband has to do these things on a regular basis b/c his family has a history of problems, so he was quite sympathetic.

- Have my female appointment next week, when she's also going to do a breast exam. I always hate these things, but I haven't been on the pill for several years, so I haven't had one and need to, sooo... I'm also going to ask her about my weird month-long female symptoms. I have a feeling I'll get a generic response like, "Every woman's different," but just in case, I'll ask.

So, there you go. Yucky & unfun, but trying to take care of this body I've got to work with. Tom would like it to stick around for a while. :)



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Apr. 21st, 2011 12:45 pm (UTC)
i HATE the female appointment, but i'm of the mind to get it overwith and not think about it.

if she says everyone is different get a new doctor. yes everyone is different but there is probably a reason you are getting symptoms all month. if someone wants to investigate maybe they can reduce the symptoms right? and seriously, do you want someone looking at your lady parts that isn't going to take the time to help you?

(i'm a little hopped up on sudafed so i may be a little crazy sorry)
Apr. 21st, 2011 02:14 pm (UTC)
I agree. She's actually good at doing the process of elimination thing when I have issues, so maybe she'll have some ideas. I've been keeping track on my kitchen calendar. I'm thinking of writing down all my notes and taking them with me so I have specific timing to talk about. I've left lady docs for that reason before, but this is my family doc that said I can also see her for this, so here's hoping she'll know going in that I'll have questions (I always do) and won't feed me lines like that. *crossing fingers*
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