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Gettin' Myself Checked Out

I think I've been an overachiever on the April-May goal of getting myself checked out with doctors. My doc is covering all the bases because I've been experiencing female-seeming symptoms at non-female times during the month, so to rule out certain issues, I've had a colonoscopy and an ultrasound on my female bits. Have you ever heard of a transvaginal ultrasound? Yeah. That's just as awkward as it sounds. Blech. Anyway, so they've ruled out certain things, so my family doc sent me to a ObGyn for a consultation, and the result of that is that I'll be having a laparoscopy this time next month to check for endometriosis. The doc said that if we don't find that, it's back to the drawing board and a possible CT scan of my guts. So much fun getting poked and prodded. Yeah, that was sarcasm. *sigh* So, not only have I been dealing with the weirdly-timed symptoms that are the reason for all this (pre-migraine headaches, severe abdominal and back pain - that is not in the same place as my arthritis stuff - and very strong nausea), I'm also dealing with all these procedures. When I set this goal on this community, this is not quite what I meant, but if we can get some answers, I guess it'll be worth it. Maybe the answer'll be that I need to stop some of my ridiculous amount of meds?!? *sigh* Guess we'll see.

So, when people ask me "How are you?" lately, I've been just changing the subject. :) Here's hoping we get some answers SOON.


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May. 27th, 2011 02:58 pm (UTC)
Oh you said a mouth full!!
I feel like I am a project that is under perpetual construction. I too take a lot of different meds and I have been dreading going to the OB/GYN because of some of the things you mention. Transvaginal what?? Yeah I've had one before and I'm sorry but that has got to be one of the most violating things ever. I've been having a difficult time because of a thyroid condition where my menses have changed and the nice little schedule that I once had seems to be out the window. On the plus side, I am now a non smoker, which means that regulation through better chemistry, ie birth control pills, might be an option to explore. I wish they would have medicine set up like in some other countries that when you go for a check up they automatically get all the film, MRI, CAT they need to do a full work up. Another one of my big issues has been the dreaded boobytrap aka mammogram. For some reason I can't get myself over that hurdle. Mind you, it seems like putting it off just makes the anxiety worse because you don't just magically forget about it, do you?

So, I wanted to say HOORAY!!! For you!!!I admire your courage and your ability to go through all this petri dish type stuff. Keep up the good work and hopefully they'll have you back up and running.

Sending positive energy your way,

May. 30th, 2011 12:00 am (UTC)
Re: Oh you said a mouth full!!
Thank you so much, Susanne. I really do feel like a science experiment sometimes. On the one hand, I really like that my family doc takes a "process of elimination" approach AND takes me seriously when I tell her about symptoms, but other times I just want to throw all the pills and all the doc appointments out the window. I honestly have to schedule my WEEK around doc appts. Nobody should have that many doc appts. Blech. Also, it drives me crazy that the meds have side effects that cause MORE problems.

Hang in there! And thanks for the encouraging words. :)
May. 30th, 2011 11:39 pm (UTC)
Re: Oh you said a mouth full!!
Well tomorrow is P-day as in physical and all of the wonderful things that are likely to go with it. In the interest of efficiency I am writing a list of stuff I need to ask him about. I don't want to go. The irony of this whole thing is that I've had swelling in both of my feet for the last 4 days. Yesterday had to be the absolute worst. I was really beginning to worry about it. So at the very least we are going to get some sort of answer to that puzzling question. Seems to happen every summer without fail. I also had an allergic reaction to - of all things - the stitching on my flip flops!! A rash all over my feet that started to itch like mad today. I hear what your saying about running from one doctor to another. I don't think some understand how exhausting it is to have several docs working on you at the same time and the racing around, the tests, the cost...I am going to try to sort out one thing at a time and deal with the rest as I am able. I simply can't handle any more and since nothing is really concurrently urgent right now I guess I am going to have to jump in feet first and deal with the female issues. And I have to tell you I AM DREADING IT.
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