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Take a Bow

Hey Folks!

Sorry I've been away so long. I'm not a great multi-tasker, and this year just got away from me.

I've been thinking about what to write here for the last few weeks, and I finally decided that I really liked T's last post about having a "Done List". This time of year is *filled* with To-Do lists - how about we take some credit for what we're doing (or have done) instead? As some of you know, I've been seeing a counselor for a while now, and she has really opened my eyes to the unhealthiness of never giving myself a pat on the back for what I DO accomplish. Just this year, I've completed all kinds of things, but I never seem to give myself any credit for it - I'm always looking down the road at what I'm supposed to do next. Or worse (and I'm *really* guilty of this), always focusing on what I *should've* accomplished.

Well, I say ENOUGH! We're all hard-working, accomplished people. Surely, it'd be okay to admit it for once?

So, that's what December's ProjectYou goal is:

Take a Bow for what you've already done. Give yourself a pat on the back for the things you've completed. It can be this year, this decade, this month, this holiday or just today. Craft projects finished? Laundry folded? School year passed? Job kept? Kids clothed? Kids birthed? Anniversary reached? Anything! Everything you do each day reaches some goal - even if it's just keeping yourself happy. Happy is a good goal. :)

So, what have you DONE? Tell us all about it!


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Dec. 1st, 2011 08:42 pm (UTC)
My Done List:

  • FINISHED my studying - COMPLETELY!! I received my "diploma" in Professional Medical Transcription in March of this year. I've been working on this for three years now, so it felt good to finish it.
  • Worked my first job in med trans - it was a temporary arrangement (filled in for a week's vacation for their full-time MT and then worked part-time to help them get caught up), but oh, so worth it! I'm so happy to have that "first experience" under my belt. When I left, the boss made a point to tell me how happy she was with my work for them and that she'd be keeping my number. Nothing quite like a great last impression.
  • Visited my family TWICE - both paid for by other people (first, my mom then my sis), but it was totally awesome to see them. I'm not sure it counts as an accomplishment, but I'm glad I did it.
  • Finished two baby blankets for Alexa (sis Sharee's little one) - one a quilt, the other a fleece daily-use blanket.
  • Sewed liners for, put together bins for and sewed a fleece daily-use blanket for Mary Kate (sis Steffany's baby that she placed for adoption).
  • FINISHED the top cabinets in the kitchen (I'll post pictures as soon as the hubs helps me replace the doors). Been working on this one for a while, so feels GREAT to be done with that part.
  • Lost 35 lbs since beginning of the year. Some of that is due to medication (ADD med has side effect of loss of appetite), but also, I've changed my habits - I walk with dog regularly and have extended the distance we go, and I've been super careful with food, especially lately.

    That felt good! :) Now your turn!
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